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    "So worth it." I hired attorney Marshall to help with custody and she was great! She got me exactly what I asked for. It cost a bit but it was so worth it.
    Previous Client
    "I highly recommend her!" I first contacted Mellanie in a very desperate time in my child custody case, from the very beginning she was like a breath of fresh air. She got right to work, and fought for me and my daughter and got me exactly what I was seeking. Even after my hearing she was still available for bits of advice when I needed them. I highly recommend her!
    "Ms. Marshall showed her compassion and concern for the well-being of my daughter and our family."

    After separating from my ex, she began making it difficult for me to see my daughter. I began calling lawyers around town and spoke with Ms Marshall on the phone. Ms Marshall took the time to explain to me what my rights were as a father and agreed to meet me the next day. She showed compassion for me and my daughter, beyond what most lawyers do. Ms Marshall stressed to me the urgency of getting my daughter out of a very negative environment. From the beginning my ex began making false accusations against me.

    Claiming I kidnapped my daughter, I was a drug addict, and incapable of caring for my child. She also wanted me to undergo a psyche evaluation. From February 09 to November 2010 Ms. Marshal and I fought to keep my ex from shutting me out of my daughters life by making false accusations constantly. After almost two years, a psyche evaluation, and an outpatient drub rehab program to disprove drug abuse allegations, the judge kept my days at 10 overnight visits with my daughter. My ex was trying to offer me only two overnight visits per month. Ms Marshall challenged the biased psyche evaluation that took a year to complete.

    The evaluator sided with my ex despite no evidence that I could not parent my daughter. But thanks to Ms. Marshall and her staff who prepared an excellent rebuttal, the judge saw the the evaluation was one-sided and determined I was psychologically fit to parent my child. He kept my overnight days at 10. Approximately, four weeks later my ex and her malicious mother made false allegations again, this time to the police claiming I had been abusing my daughter sexually. Ms. Marshall helped me get through these tough times both legally and emotionally, always reassuring me that the truth would prevail. She took a personal interest in my case and fought for me to keep me in my daughters life.

    A week later at court, with Ms Marshall at my side representing me, after a long day of sorting through the details, Judge McAdams of Yolo County awarded me full custody of my 5 year old daughter Liliana. The Judge saw through all the lies, thanks to Ms. And her staff and finally the truth came out. Ms. Marshall went above and beyond what lawyers normally do for their clients. She took a personal interest in reuniting me with my daughter, establishing reasonable payments plans, maintaining constant communication with me, and reassuring me when things got tough.

    Most of all, Ms. Marshall showed her compassion and concern for the well-being of my daughter and our family. It has been about two and a half years since I got full custody of my daughter and for that I am very thankful that I chose Mellanie Marshall to represent me.

    "Awesome! She Turned My Case Around! I Was Awarded $59,000!" When I initially met with Attorney Marshall she gave me a no-nonsense evaluation of my case in language I could understand. She listened to me and understood what my goals and needs were. While I understand that attorneys are expensive, she was well worth it!
    Previous Client
    "Awesome Attorney" She help me navigate the very confusing process of divorce I was very stressed out until I met her, she’s an awesome person.
    "In short Mellanie has been in my corner every step of the way." I really cannot say enough positive things about Attorney Mellanie Marshall. When I first realized that I would need legal representation for what was to be a high conflict divorce, I scheduled/consulted to meet with a few attorneys and they really didn’t do it for me. Upon meeting with Mellanie I felt that she understood me and was compassionate and understanding towards my case and I wasn’t just a number at the DMV. She is also a brilliant legal mind. Sometimes you are lucky to get one of those and she possesses both (compassion/understanding and the legal know how). As soon as I met with her and talking with her for an hour during the initial consult I knew the search was over and that I had found what I was looking for. And as it turns out it is nice being right! She quickly helped me garner 50/50 custody of my daughter and dealt with the many other issues that came up during that timeframe regarding other parties’ obstinate and unreasonable attitude and position. She has also been there for me when absurd accusations were being hurled. She has always made herself available to me if I have had questions or concerns. I’ve told her I don’t know how she does it with clients in different places and times, but she has always gotten back to me in a timely manner and kept me informed of the process and current events. I very much appreciate her keeping me in the loop during this stressful time. She has helped reduce a lot of stress and anxiety in a stress/anxiety laden situation. Another very admirable quality about Mellanie is that she advocates not just for her client’s best interest, but for that of the child, in my case Savannah. Some attorneys only have their clients best intentions at heart but she possess both, which I think any parent would/should be happy to hear. In short Mellanie has been in my corner every step of the way and my thankfulness for her help during all of this cannot be overstated. Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do. To those considering attorneys you really should not pass Mellanie Marshall up and you certainly cannot go wrong with her! 5 star rating from me!
    R. Gross
    "Good Person, Great Attorney" We live in Texas and our son is stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California
    Our son got a dear john from his wife the day after he was deployed to the Middle East and informed that she had filed for divorce and she would be sending the papers.
    While deployed he would call to speak to his two year old daughter and read her a bedtime story. He had to leave these on voicemail as his calls a world away were not picked up.
    He returned to a tumultuous household six months later and divorce proceedings were initiated by his wife they had been married approximately a year and a half.
    He had to hire an attorney and chose Ms. Mellanie Marshall.
    Divorce is a terrible and damaging event to all parties and especially when children are involved.
    Ms. Marshall was very patient in dealing with a highly frustrated client. As a member of the military he could be deployed or transferred at any time. This was a concern as a custody issue and was emotionally crushed that he might not be a part of his daughter’s life.
    M.s Marshall provided my son a realistic scenario of the possible outcomes but also was able to remain a calming influence to her client. She thoroughly researched the parties involved to come up with her game plan. She was interested in what was in the best interest of her client as well as the child. She was able to work with the opposing attorney to reach what would have been a reasonable accommodation to reduce the turmoil in the little girl’s life as well as the divorcing couple. The opposing attorney was unable to get her client to be reasonable with conditions that would allow both parents to be involved with the child. As a result, the opposing attorney was unable to work with her client and removed herself as her representative.
    In court Ms. Marshall was competent, thorough and I believe more than reasonable. The outcome that Ms. Marshall achieved was fantastic. My son has a custodial arrangement that allows him to be an integral part of his daughters’ life. She took a toxic situation and turned it into lemonade. My son has renewed his spirit and his daughter is happy. She now has an opportunity to interact with other children her age at the on base child development center.
    If you want a good attorney in dealing with a messy divorce situation you can’t go wrong with Marshall Law (firm).
    Robert & Donna