Bakersfield Custody Attorney

Divorce and separation are messy, and when you add children to the mix, the complexities increase. When parents decide they need to separate, one of the top concerns they face is what will be best for their children. If you’ve decided to pursue divorce or separation, you need to consult with a custody attorney to ensure you are making the right choices for your kids. The Law Office of Mellanie Marshall Rapozo offers the services of an experienced divorce and family law attorney who is ready to guide you through the days ahead with compassion and experienced legal advice.

Finding the Right Custody Arrangement

The first step in helping parents after a separation is determining the custody arrangement that fits the needs of the children and the lifestyles of the parents. In most instances, continued influence of both parents is best, but this does not mean that they can realistically continue to both have custody. The Law Office of Mellanie Marshall Rapozo will help you consider all of the custody options and find one that fits your needs. Whether you pursue joint physical custody, joint legal custody or custody with just one parent, she will provide the services of a custody attorney in Bakersfield to help you make the right choices.

Protecting Parenting Time for Bakersfield Clients

When you’ve separated from your spouse, one thing that is at stake is your parenting time with your children. When you partner with the Law Office of Mellanie Marshall Rapozo, you will be working with a custody attorney who works to put her clients’ needs first. In the case of parent custody arrangements, one of the most important needs is the need to continue having influence on the children. Even for clients who are not the primary caretakers of their kids, Attorney Mellanie Marshall will fight for a custody and visitation arrangement that protects parenting time.

Visitation Rights Help with a Custody Attorney in Bakersfield

In addition to parenting time, visitation rights are an important part of parenting a child after divorce or separation, and sometimes you will need the help of a visitation attorney to make these arrangements. As long as it remains in the child’s best interests, Attorney Mellanie Marshall will work to ensure you have fair visitation, and she will fight to insist that the other party allows you access to your child during those visitation times. If you are in need of a Bakersfield visitation attorney, you want the experience and compassion of attorney Mellanie Marshall.

Don’t trust your children’s future and your parenting rights to just any custody or visitation attorney. Ensure you are working with one who will keep your needs as a top priority while fighting to ensure you can continue to influence your children. Contact the Law Office of Mellanie Marshall Rapozo today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case with a Bakersfield custody attorney.