Bakersfield Child and Spousal Support Attorney

When you separate from your spouse, the financial repercussions are quite far-reaching. Not only do you lose the income from your spouse’s job, but you also lose the support you once had to help with childcare costs and expenses. Spousal and child support legislation makes it easier for those who are divorcing to ensure their financial needs are met, and the Law Office of Mellanie Marshall Rapozo offers the services of a family law attorney who is well versed in child support and spousal support concerns. If you’re facing divorce and concerned with the financial repercussions of the separation, Attorney Mellanie Marshall is here to help.

Experienced Child Support Attorney in Bakersfield

Child support is a complicated subject for couples facing divorce and separation. The right support arrangement is going to focus on the child’s needs first, but it also must take into consideration the needs of the parents. Asking too much support from the non-custodial parent can create undue hardship, but too little support puts an unfair burden on the custodial parent.

As a Bakersfield child support attorney, Mellanie Marshall is ready to help you weigh these considerations to come up with a child support requirement that fits the needs of the parents and child. Attorney Marshall will fight for her client’s rights, whether that client is the one receiving child support or the one paying it. The end goal is to create a scenario where the child will have the right financial care and support. Whether setting up a child custody arrangement, fighting support demands that are too strict or getting help collecting child support, Attorney Mellanie Marshall is here to assist clients in Bakersfield.

Spousal Support Attorney in Bakersfield

In addition to child support services, the Law Office of Mellanie Marshall offers the services of a Bakersfield spousal support attorney. When a couple chooses to pursue a divorce, and one spouse had set aside career aspirations to care for children or tend the home, the result can be financial devastation for the spouse that does not work. Spousal support services from an attorney in Bakersfield help ensure a normal quality of life for both parties after a divorce. If you’re pursuing divorce and feel that you will face tremendous financial hardship as a result of your divorce, consult with a spousal support attorney to ensure your financial needs are met.

Compassionate Legal Service from a Skilled Family Law Attorney

For spousal and child support concerns, you need both legal skill and compassion. You will receive both when you call the Law Office of Mellanie Marshall. You don’t have to fight for the support you deserve on your own. You can get help from a child or spousal support attorney in Bakersfield. Schedule a consultation with Attorney Mellanie Marshall today!